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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Journalist Webinar Briefing: Closing the Racial Wealth Gap

The Media Consortium, the Insight Center

MC Contact: Tracy Van Slyke

America's most glaring economic injustice is the racial wealth gap: families of color have only 15 cents of wealth to the white family's dollar. The racial wealth gap has been caused by government policies from the expropriation of Indian lands and slavery, to many aspects of the New Deal like the GI bill and Social Security, to current policies like the Home Mortgage Interest Deduction and unregulated housing and financial markets. The Oakland-based Insight Center's Closing the Racial Wealth Gap Initiative has over 120 experts of color across the country who are resources to journalists and elected officials on federal, state and local economic stories and policies.

On Tuesday, June 16, this call will feature story ideas and investigative journalism proposals from:

Michael E. Roberts, President, First Nations Development Institute, on Closing the Racial Wealth Gap in Indian country

Avis A. Jones-DeWeever, Ph.D., Director, National Council of Negro Women, Research, Public Policy, and Information Center, on her new report Assessing the Double Burden: Examining Racial and Gender Disparities in Mortgage Lending, co-released with the National Community Reinvestment Coalition

Janis Bowdler, Senior Housing Policy Analyst, National Council of La Raza on the housing crisis and Latinos

Short presentations will be followed by Q&A.

To access ECON, the Experts of Color Network, visit For narratives on the racial wealth gap and proposals to close it, visit For more information on The Media Consortium, visit

WHAT: Journalist Webinar Briefing: Closing the Racial Wealth Gap
WHEN: 9 a.m. PST/12 p.m. EST, Tuesday, June 16 (40 minutes)
WHO: Insight Center Closing The Racial Wealth Gap Initiative and The Media Consortium

Please RSVP by Monday, June 15 at 3 EST.


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