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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Sucker Creek First Nation--
Grand Chief Cardinal Gathers Support in Europe

 October 5th, 2009

Jaret Cardinal, Grand Chief of Treaty 8 Alberta and Chief of Sucker Creek First Nation is working in Europe to build strong international relationships when it comes to Climate Change discussions and implementation of the Treaties signed between the Queen of England and First Nations in Canada.
Before leaving for Europe, Cardinal attended the National Treaties "Honoring Our Ancestors" Gathering held at the River Cree Resort and Casino in Enoch, Alberta,
"The numbered treaties are international treaties signed with the Queen of England and a key outcome from this meeting was our need to begin building relationships at the international level," said Cardinal.
This is precisely what Grand Chief Cardinal is doing in Europe. On September 29 he attended the Annual Energy Roundtable Conference in London, England where he met national and corporate leaders from across Europe and Canada to discuss building a transatlantic energy partnership.
Discussions on industry consolidation, supply, regulation and investment issues in infrastructure and new energy technologies took place. Organized by the Canada-Europe Roundtable for Business (CERT), the conference was co-hosted by the Canadian High Commission.
"As First Nations, we are at a critical time in the continued development of conventional and renewable energy in Canada. These developments need to be done in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way that is acceptable to First Nations people."
On Monday, September 28, Grand Chief Cardinal met with the High Commissioner to discuss the critical issues facing Treaty 8 First Nations; the impact Climate Change is having on our traditional ways of live and to discuss how First Nations can be involved in the UN Climate Change Convention in Copenhagen.
"I sat with the Elders, before leaving for this trip; it is their messages I am bringing forward. We, as First Nations leaders, must listen to what our Elders have been saying. I have travel to England because this is who we need to talk with when it comes to implementing our Treaty. We signed the Treaty with the Queen."
Cardinal will be in Europe until October 9, meeting with many government and industry officials. 
"It is my hope that through these meetings the international community will begin to understand the role England and Her Majesty plays when our Treaties are discussed and people will begin to see we want our voices heard when the international community talks about climate change".

For more information, please contact: 
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